Hang Time–Featured Artist, Mary Ann Schwartz

The Arts Council gives an interested member artist the opportunity to display his/her art pieces in our offices for an eight week period. It's one of the benefits of being a member. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the future. The work of Mary Ann Schwartz will hang in our office… Continue reading Hang Time–Featured Artist, Mary Ann Schwartz

About Photographer Chuck Hamilton–In His Own Words

 The images [formerly] on display [at the Lehigh Arts Council office] are assemblages, which begin with photographs of commercial mannequins taken from their showcases; these photos are then layered with various and often incongruous backgrounds. The layering process creates an image that transcends the lifeless storefront forms and blurs the line between illusion and reality. While my… Continue reading About Photographer Chuck Hamilton–In His Own Words

About Photographer, Marco Calderon—In His Own Words

The Inside Lehigh Valley Arts blog will routinely feature member artists of all disciplines.  “In His (or Her) Own Words” posts will provide brief “getting to know you” snapshots. The next step is yours.  I meet people through my camera. I like people, their faces, and the stories they tell without speaking. I began shooting… Continue reading About Photographer, Marco Calderon—In His Own Words