Meet Our Board Members–Steven Guy Leibensperger, 2012-13

This post continues our series featuring each of the current members of the Arts Council's board. We thought you'd like to get to know a few things about the people who help direct the organization, support its mission, and work to secure its future. Ours is a volunteer board of leaders from the community who… Continue reading Meet Our Board Members–Steven Guy Leibensperger, 2012-13

Why Public Funding for the Arts? It’s Life Changing.

Guest Post by Arts Council member, Jennifer Scavuzzo Just yesterday I heard a radio program discussing how to combat the high level of dropouts from our high schools, and one student who was featured discussed how "bored" he is with school.  Given the opportunity to see what a better high school could offer (while still… Continue reading Why Public Funding for the Arts? It’s Life Changing.

The Art of Making a Little Noise

The arts are being challenged these days. Funding for school arts programs is being cut, state grants are being squeezed, arts organizations struggle for sustainability, and artists press on in spite of it all.  Art is communication. People who love and live the arts can broaden the conversation. That’s you and me.  Strike a strong… Continue reading The Art of Making a Little Noise