Bringing Humor to the Arts & Access Expo

The old saying “laughter is the best medicine” has been proven time and time again, with studies showing a good stress-relieving guffaw will not only relax and energize, but it can even boost your immunity and fight heart disease. That’s mainly why Shane Burcaw, president of Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc. and local resident of… Continue reading Bringing Humor to the Arts & Access Expo

On Our Way Towards Inclusiveness

By James Ravelle, Operations Manager - Lehigh Valley Arts Council In 1974, Jean Kennedy-Smith, a sibling of President John F. Kennedy, founded Very Special Arts (VSA) with the vision of bringing arts to people with disabilities across the country. Since then we have witnessed the establishment of VSA state chapters, the passage of the Americans… Continue reading On Our Way Towards Inclusiveness

Access Makes the Arts Grow Wider | Expanding Gateways

by Randall Forte, executive director, Lehigh Valley Arts Council This article appeared in The Express-Times newspaper on March 4, 2013. The arts have never been more important to the Lehigh Valley. Hundreds of creative industries, nonprofit cultural organizations, and thousands of individual artists of all disciplines—dance, musical, theatrical, visual, literary and media arts—are invested in… Continue reading Access Makes the Arts Grow Wider | Expanding Gateways

Building a Bridge to Arts Access | The Art of Reaching Out

by Randall Forte, Lehigh Valley Arts Council executive director 2013 heralds the Lehigh Valley as the fourth region in the state to formally inaugurate a Pennsylvania Arts Access Program. In doing so, the Lehigh Valley joins other statewide partners in helping the cultural community become more accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities. Basically,… Continue reading Building a Bridge to Arts Access | The Art of Reaching Out