With a Song in Her Heart

Donna Yasenchok likes to sing so much she is a member of five different choral groups -- and they’re happy to have her: She has a desirable alto-soprano vocal range that would be the envy of choral singers anywhere. But from birth, Donna was challenged with cataracts in both eyes and, despite several operations, the… Continue reading With a Song in Her Heart

Disabilities Don’t Define Who People Are

One characteristic cannot sum up who anyone is and America has been making great strides in accepting people regardless of their race, sexual orientation and disability if they have one. “It used to be that the disability made up the person, but now it’s just something that’s a part of them,” says Roseann Damico Schatkowski,… Continue reading Disabilities Don’t Define Who People Are

The Healing Power of the Arts

By Robert Sandoval, LVAC VolunteerIn my research to develop this blog post on the healing power of the arts, I interviewed two engaging local artists, Middle-eastern dancer Tahya, and painter Marion Sheinberg, both of whom provide joy and solace to their clients.Tahya, whose name means “welcome” has been dancing since her teens and is now… Continue reading The Healing Power of the Arts

A Lifetime of Quality with Zeiner Pianos

By: Rebekah Drozd, LVAC Intern Since 1912, the John J. Zeiner family has been tuning and restoring pianos for families, churches and colleges in the Lehigh Valley. Their passion and quality craftsmanship sets them apart from the others and has kept the business flourishing for more than four generations. John Zeiner Sr.’s father Andrew DeLong… Continue reading A Lifetime of Quality with Zeiner Pianos

Janet Stepura–Artist and Art Store Manager

As an artist and store manager at Blick Art Materials for more than twenty-five years, Janet Stepura enjoys a unique perspective on the arts community. Executive Director Randall Forte spoke to her recently about her life in the arts in the Lehigh Valley. Tell us a little about yourself as an artist. How long have… Continue reading Janet Stepura–Artist and Art Store Manager

Wenda Boyer–Horsehair Jewelry Designer with a Personal Touch

by Emily Phillips, LV Arts Council college intern This month’s Arts Council Membership Profile features jewelry designer, Wenda Boyer, and her unique and stunning designs using horsehair.  Her company, Braided Love, is only five-years old and combines her lifelong enchantment with horses and an appreciation for fine jewelry. It also serves as a connection to… Continue reading Wenda Boyer–Horsehair Jewelry Designer with a Personal Touch

Françoise Choveau, Ceramist and Tile-Maker

An Interview by Randall Forte, LVAC executive director Arts Council member, Françoise Choveau, lived in Paris until her mid-thirties, attending the Academie de la Grande Chaumière for drawing. She also worked for three years with the sculptor Max Fillon, experimenting with wood, clay, and metal. After coming to the United States, Franoçise did a one-year… Continue reading Françoise Choveau, Ceramist and Tile-Maker