See the Music, Hear the Art!

In October, SATORI played a classical music concert for an audience who couldn’t hear it – and it was wonderful. SATORI is participating in the Arts & Access initiative of the Lehigh Valley Arts Council, a yearlong celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, seen through the lens of the arts.… Continue reading See the Music, Hear the Art!

With a Song in Her Heart

Donna Yasenchok likes to sing so much she is a member of five different choral groups -- and they’re happy to have her: She has a desirable alto-soprano vocal range that would be the envy of choral singers anywhere. But from birth, Donna was challenged with cataracts in both eyes and, despite several operations, the… Continue reading With a Song in Her Heart

Disabilities Don’t Define Who People Are

One characteristic cannot sum up who anyone is and America has been making great strides in accepting people regardless of their race, sexual orientation and disability if they have one. “It used to be that the disability made up the person, but now it’s just something that’s a part of them,” says Roseann Damico Schatkowski,… Continue reading Disabilities Don’t Define Who People Are

Why Public Funding for the Arts? It’s Life Changing.

Guest Post by Arts Council member, Jennifer Scavuzzo Just yesterday I heard a radio program discussing how to combat the high level of dropouts from our high schools, and one student who was featured discussed how "bored" he is with school.  Given the opportunity to see what a better high school could offer (while still… Continue reading Why Public Funding for the Arts? It’s Life Changing.

Denise Stangl: The Business of Art

A Guest Post by Rebecca Glassman             Denise Stangl describes herself as a “wearer of many hats.” As the operations manager for Lehigh University Art Galleries, Denise’s job is to make the exhibits happen. She deals with the financial, legal, and human resource aspects of the galleries, and administers advertising campaigns, grant writing, donation collection,… Continue reading Denise Stangl: The Business of Art