The Arts Mean Business!

Lehigh Valley is home to 1,405 arts businesses that employ 7,714 people, according to a new analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data by Americans for the Arts.  Arts Industry Comprises 3.8% of All Businesses and 2.3% Percent of the Employment in the Lehigh Valley region  A new research study published by Americans for the Arts… Continue reading The Arts Mean Business!

The Healing Power of the Arts

By Robert Sandoval, LVAC VolunteerIn my research to develop this blog post on the healing power of the arts, I interviewed two engaging local artists, Middle-eastern dancer Tahya, and painter Marion Sheinberg, both of whom provide joy and solace to their clients.Tahya, whose name means “welcome” has been dancing since her teens and is now… Continue reading The Healing Power of the Arts

Planning Underway for 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Lehigh Valley Arts Council and the Lehigh Valley Partnership for a Disability Friendly Community are teaming up to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act through the lens of the arts.They are developing training opportunities for community volunteers and arts administrators, and offering support to designated cultural and arts programs that… Continue reading Planning Underway for 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Simple Solutions for Website Accessibility

By James Ravelle, Operations Manager – Lehigh Valley Arts Council One of my responsibilities at the Lehigh Valley Arts Council is designing and programming our website. After the launch of our Pennsylvania Arts Accessibility Program (PAAP), I realized that there were several website content and graphic issues that needed to be addressed if the Arts… Continue reading Simple Solutions for Website Accessibility

Curating Fashion with G. Bruce Boyer

The Lehigh Valley Arts Council is pleased to present the first program in the Arts Alive 2014 series, titled Curating Fashion, on Saturday, January 18, 2014, from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the Payne Gallery, Moravian College. The event features noted men's fashion writer and editor G. Bruce Boyer, who will speak about his career in… Continue reading Curating Fashion with G. Bruce Boyer

Big-business Marketing for Small and Mid-sized Arts Nonprofits

by Randall Forte, LVAC executive director This summer the Lehigh Valley Arts Council will launch a Cultural List Exchange Co-Op (CLEC), a Lehigh Valley arts community database that will foster collaboration, improve marketing intelligence, encourage and simplify mailing list exchanges, and expands audiences. This regional initiative was built upon arts research, the Arts Council’s leadership… Continue reading Big-business Marketing for Small and Mid-sized Arts Nonprofits

Access Makes the Arts Grow Wider | Expanding Gateways

by Randall Forte, executive director, Lehigh Valley Arts Council This article appeared in The Express-Times newspaper on March 4, 2013. The arts have never been more important to the Lehigh Valley. Hundreds of creative industries, nonprofit cultural organizations, and thousands of individual artists of all disciplines—dance, musical, theatrical, visual, literary and media arts—are invested in… Continue reading Access Makes the Arts Grow Wider | Expanding Gateways