Crayola Recognizes Arts Council Board Member, Steven Leibensperger

Steven Leibensperger recently received the 2011 Crayola Outstanding Service to an Arts Organization Award, honoring his volunteerism as a board member for the Lehigh Valley Arts Council.

Randall Forte, executive director of the Arts Council, had this to say about Steven:

I am pleased to support Crayola’s recognition of Steven Leibensperger as an outstanding volunteer to the community. Steven has been volunteering for the Lehigh Valley Arts Council since 2008, having first served on our Professional Development Committee before his election to the Board of Directors in 2010.

During that time he has contributed graphic design skills, financial support, energy and passion for the arts, and a keen insight about the behavior of arts consumers in the 21 to 30-year-old demographic. As co-chair of the new Social Media Committee, he worked with another board member to develop and launch a new blog, Inside Lehigh Valley Arts. At the March 2012 board meeting, he made a very clear presentation about how the various components of social media interconnect and interact that enlightened many of the board members.

Definitely a man of action, Steven never speaks to hear himself talk. When he does offer a perspective, it is always on point and very insightful.

The Crayola Prize Patrol stated when conferring the award:

Steven, you make our community a better place to live and our company a better place to work. In honor of your volunteer commitment, Crayola will make a $100 donation to the nonprofit of your choice.

In another gesture of his support, Steven designated the Arts Council as the recipient of the $100 donation. He was recognized formally by Crayola on April 26, 2012  at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner to honor all company volunteers.


One thought on “Crayola Recognizes Arts Council Board Member, Steven Leibensperger

  1. Congratulations Steven on this well-deserved recognition. Your creativity, enthusiasm and commitment are an asset to our LVAC board and the entire organization. Props to you my friend!

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