Artists "In Their Own Words"

About Artist Loretta Tryon–In Her Own Words

My work seeks and translates forms found in nature and designs I create. I thrive on the spontaneity of creating one design that leads to the next. I’m inspired by the human form, organic forms, patterns, and my drawings. Positive and negative spaces play a prominent role in designing. In the process I develop the composition.

I use force and overlapping hammer blows to create something that seems fragile; graceful contours with dynamic tension eventually emerge. Hammering gives texture, tension, and strength to the medium of metal. Attention to the surface opens the door for further visual interest. I use heat and chemicals to experiment with the possibilities of creating with metal. Piercing, cutting into the surface, fusing, and patina are some ways I add detail. Patinas give metal a sense of depth and a quality of antiquity.

Transforming the piece with each technique, the composition becomes coherent. My intention is to create art, whether it is jewelry or sculpture, that relates to my viewer’s sense of curiosity. The finished piece is a permanent record of my personal experience. Each idea begins a new challenge, each piece bridges my inner tension with the visual world.

Photo from Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen via Flickr


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